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Google SyncOkay, so I’m not exactly sure how new this function is, but I just noticed in the top right corner of my Google Calendar page that you can now sync your Google Calendar with your iPhone. I have been wanting this feature for a long time. If your an avid user of Google Calendars and you have an iPhone you probably already know how cumbersome it is to sync the calendars without this new function. You originally had to create a private url link for each calendar in Google Calendars that iCal uses to update it’s calendars. Then you had the extra step of having to hook up you iPhone to your computer via usb and sync. As you could imagine this is quite a time consuming ordeal. Google Sync also support Symbian based phones, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile phones. With it’s push technology you never have to physically connect your phone to a computer to sync. It’s all done in the background wirelessly. Google sync also synchronizes you Google Contacts.



Personal Landscape ReaderThe Plastic Logic Reader may very well be this next Kindle Killer, but we will have to wait at least a year before that is proven. And even at that point who knows what Amazon will do with their widely accepted Kindle. But will products like the Plastic Logic Reader and the Kindle change the way we read newspapers, books, and magazines? I for one still like the tactical feel of reading a magazine or newspaper. However with products like this becoming lighter, thinner, and more natural in form factor. The real benefactor will be having a plethora of reading choices at your finger tips without the added weight of carrying such articles. The Plastic Logic Reader uses a flexible plastic substrate instead of silicone glass that is typically used for active matrix displays. This makes the display more rugged, lighter and thinner. I really am infatuated with simplicity and minimalism, but I feel this product is a bit to similar to the Kindle in terms of aesthetics. I hope they revamp the design to differientiate it from the Kindle.