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Slauerhoffbrug Cantilever DrawbridgeTalk about a crazy looking bridge. This looks like something out of Short Circuit, the Johnny 5 of Draw Bridges. Located in Leeuwarden, Netherlands and know to the locals as the “Slauerhoffbrug”. This is quite a unique and unconventional design for a drawbrige. Kinda reminds me of a large robotic fly swatter.



Well if it’s up to Motor Development International then we might just start seeing these in the near future. The designers are former aerospace and formula F1 engineers. With the idea of using compressed air to power these small pod like vehicles. Currently the Airpod is only a prototype, but has gained the interest of  Tata Motors (India) and an American start-up called Zero Emissions Motors. Also to note that Air France/KLM officials have announced a six-month test trial at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris and Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to ferry passengers in between departure gates. The Airpod holds four people with an approximate range of about 135miles with a top speed of about 43mph. This would make a great vehicle able to transport people in very dense areas that don’t require fast speeds. Hence why Tata Motors of India is most likely interested in this technology. According to Zero Pollution Motors the Airpod can be filled with a maximum of 350 bar (5,076 psi!) in about 90 seconds. This is ideal for the fast paced airport industry were time is critical. These claims seem to good to be true, and like others I will remain to be skeptical. The technology presented has promise, but until the Airpod can be proven on a full fleet scale we will not really know how realistic compressed air will be for and alternative fuel for automobiles.

Anti-theft Bicycle System
Grant Howarth has designed this cleaver Anti-Theft Bicycle Security station to help combat the problem of thefts stealing anything and everything they can possible get and leaving the just the frame. This is quite a common problem in large cities like New York. Hundreds of bicycle frames are striped of their part. With no wheels or seat the owner sometimes leaves the bike frame as-is which can be very unsightly. Here’s the designers description:

Bike security that protects all quick release components. Modularity was the cornerstone of this project. Once the arms lock into place the bike cannot be moved in any direction protecting the seat, wheels and other quick release components as well as protecting the entire bike from theft.

The bike is rolled up the curved surface until its back wheel falls into a groove which prevents the bike rolling back. The “gutter”, which serves to protect the wheels, also prevents the bike from moving in any direction. Once in place the arm can be moved downwards.

The whole locking process takes less than a minute. Furthermore the product promotes safety in numbers, as the more bikes stored the greater the protection of the “pack”.

The product also [recoups] costs within 3 years through the ability to use it for advertising purposes (assuming advertising space costs in Glasgow, Scotland).

I think this is a great ideal for cities of all densities as it helps to promote more exercise and the use of non-oil dependent transportation