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Timeless GardenAn interesting concept “The Timeless Garden” designed by Francesco Castiglione Morelli & Tommaso Ceschi relies on the chemical reaction between mud and metal to power its built in digital clock. I for one have wanted to see more products like this come to light. As well thought out engineering and design should be used in ways to be less reliant on other sources of grid based power. Not all products of coarse will be able to be self sufficient, but we need to strive toward reaching that goal. Do you remember that experiment in science class of building a battery from potatoes? Well this concept is really not that much different. This I believe is still in the conceptual stages because there is no indication whether or not this product is in production. Not only is this device self powering, it also helps absorb CO2 from the air to create oxygen (like all plants do).



Mother of RiceThis is strictly a conceptual design of the perfect rice cooker by Sang-Jang Lee. Simple in design and form bring a minimalist approach to this beautifully designed rice cooker. The design calls for a touch screen display housed inside of theĀ  lid that disappears when not being used. Like a joystick you have four directions for menu options being up, down, right and left.